About company

The company UNIATEST, Ltd. is a corporate member of the Slovak company for non-destructive testing (www.ssndt.sk)

 The member of international commission for non-destructive testing ICNDT
 The member of European federation for non-destructive testing EFNDT


Our activity is focused mainly on:

Non-destructive tightness testing – NDT LT – in terms of requests of the Water Act

  • Tests of tightness and water-tightness of tanks for dangerous and petroleum substances – drip pans and emergency tubs, tanks, storage containers in agriculture, sumps, oil separators, WWTP etc.
  • Tightness tests of pipelines 
  • Water tightness of sewage and sewer shafts tests in accordance with STN EN 1610
  • Pressure tests of tightness for the drinking or technical water and other pipelines under pressure in accordance with STN EN 805

Testing services for the construction industry

  • Construction testing laboratory In addition to the construction testing laboratory activity we provide:

Insulation of water-mains and other underground pipelines
Complex service in the field of sewage

  • Cleaning ofsewage and tanks by high-pressure water cleaning vehicles
  • Hydraulic dredge works 
  • Milling of displaced connectors, roots and other solid barriers in the
  • TV – monitoring of sewageby industrial camera 
  • Testing of water tightness of canalization to DN 1600 and sewage shafts by the air (the „L“ method) and water (the „W“ method) in accordance with STN EN 1610 
  • Repair of canalization by trenchless technologies

Thermo-vision measurements in the energy, heating and building sectors

Construction – business activity  

We offer possibility of professional consultation and counselling in all areas of our activities.
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