Construction testing
The list of tests processed by construction testing laboratory of company Uniatest, s.r.o.

Our construction testing laboratory offers wide portfolio of tests in accordance with standard testing specificationsaccording to STN EN with focus on :

1. Tests of tightness ( NDT LT )
  • Tests of canalization water tightness, canalization and water tanks
  • Pressure tests of tightness of water and pressure canalization piping according to STN EN 805 
  • Revisions, tank tightness, technologicaldevicesand tanks for dangerous and oil substances in accordance with STN EN 75 3415 and Act no. 364/2004 Coll. statute of Slovak republic -  Water act
  • UTT – ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
2. Testing of building construction and materials in-situ
A. Soils and ground structures
  • Plate load test
  • Dynamic load test 
  • Determination of the bulk density of soils and aggregate 
  • Sampling of soils and loose materials  

B. Concretes and concrete structures, resp.mortar

  • Determination ofconcrete hardness by compressive strength
  • Determination of consistency and compation of concrete 
  • Taking the concrete mixture samples and preparation of specimens 
  • Taking samples ofhardened concrete  

C. Other tests
  • determination of surface macro-texture
  • determination of surface evenness 
  • determination of tensile strength of surface layers and adhesion of hydro-insulation  
3. Laboratory testing of soils, loose materials, aggregates, concrete and concrete mixtures
A. Soils and loose materials
  • complete analysis of soils and aggregate with determination of grading – sieve analyse and classification
  • determination of the bulk density by Proctor-Standard - modified 
  • determination of bulk density for the incohesive soils and aggregate  

B. Aggregates

  • determination of grain size and assessment of suitability for use
  • physical - mechanical tests of aggregates (shape index, absorption etc.)
C. Concrete and concrete mixtures resp. mortar
  •  determination of the bulk density andthe tensile strength
  • determination of the frost resistance 
  • determination of the concrete surface against effects of chemical defrosting substances 
  • determination of the tensile strength during bending and transverse pull
  • determination of the water tightness by the pressure method

Our laboratory is able to provide also performance of other or differently specific tests by their verified subcontractors on call, as well as technical consulting from the field.
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