Tests of tightness – NDT LT
Water act no. 364/2004 published on 24th June 2004 in statute of Slovak republic determines duty to perform the control of technical conditions and tests of tightness (leak tests)in all objects  where dealing with dangerous and oil substances, as well as tightness tests of pipelines and means for their transport.

Control and tests of tightness according to §39, article 2, letter d) of Water act can be performed only by a competent person with certificate for non-destructive testing according to STN EN 473.

Interval of tightness tests is defined in §3 of regulation no. 100 of Department of the Environment of Slovak republic from 13th March 2005 and it carries the obligation to operators of objects for storage of dangerous substances and waste to perform tests of water tightness:

- before they are put into operation
- every five years from performance of the first successful test,
- every ten years with harmful substances mentioned in appendix no. 1, list II, point 8 of the Act, except of tanks that are visually controllableand double-cup uncontrollable with permanent indication of inter-shell space,
- following their reconstruction or repair,
- when they are put into operation after shutdown longer than one year.

Regulation no.100 to Water Act

Water Act

Revisions, tightness tests of tanks and pipelines
  1. Integral tightness test of tanks by test gas overpressure to 50 kPa
  2. Localization under-pressure tightness test by vacuum chambers 
  3. Wall Thickness measurement by ultrasonic thickness meter ( UTT )
  4. Overpressure tightness test of pipelines
  5. Water tightness tests of concrete tanks, sumps, separators etc.
  6. Water tightness tests of canalization and sewage shafts by air and water

Tests of tightness and water tightness of tanks and related pipelines are performed in accordance with Act no. 364/2004 of the statute ( Water Act ) and regulation of Ministry of the Environment SR no. 100/2005 of the statute according to STN 75 3415, STN EN 75 0905, STN 65 0201, STN EN 1610 and other valid technical standards.

Pressure tightness tests of water and pressure canalization pipelines according to STN EN 805

Control of corrosion and proposals of surface treatments with tanks - TK
  • Performance of professional corrosion inspections of tanks.
  • Consulting and proposing of material protection against corrosion. 
  • Proposing of surface treatment. 
  • Developing of corrosion reporting.

  • NDT LT 2. according to STN EN 473 and DIN EN 47
  • NDT VT 2. according to STN EN 473
  • Techniques of corrosion and surface treatments according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17024
  •  UTT – ultrasonic wall thickness measurement by according to EN 14127


Our company performs regular examinations of technical stage of tanks and tightness tests, or water tightness of objects for dangerous and oil substances in several prominent companies from areas of the chemical, engineering, food and construction industry. Our regular customers are also agricultural cooperatives and companies operating the objects which the legislative requirements refer to in terms of Water act and regulation no. 100 to Water act (drip pans under transformers, emergency pits, sedimentation tanks, sumps, oil separators etc.)

Tightness tests were realized by our workers also for the following companies:

Bekaert Hlohovec a.s., SES Tlmače a.s., Považský cukor a.s. Trenčianska Teplá, KINEX a.s. Bytča, Slovlak a.s. Košeca, Takenaka Europe Gmbh Bratislava, KIA Motors Slovakia s.r.o. Teplička nad Váhom, MOBIS Slovakia s.r.o. Žilina, Bratislavská teplárenská a.s., CHEMOSVIT a.s. Svit, KINEX-KLF a.s. Kysucké Nové Mesto, EUROVIA - Cesty a.s. Košice, Texo partner a.s. Bratislava, Doprastav a.s. Bratislava,  ...
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