Water tightness tests
Water tightness tests of canalization and sewage shafts

Water tightness tests are performed by skilled workers, qualified in accordance with STN EN 473, LT/AB - Level 2. Our rich experiences in the field guarantee high proficiency in approach to the tests. Tests of canalization and sewage shafts are performed according to STN EN 1610 – Construction and testing of canalization of piping and sewers and they are made by water (the W method) or by air (the L method). As one of the first in Slovak republic we began to realize tests of tightness of canalization shafts by the “L” method (by the air) with special sealing bag, which has helped to more efficient tests and significant saving of time and financial costs for tests .

In the case of inconvenient sections, when the pressure test shows leakage of the system, we offer solution by fault location of canalization piping by camera system of harmless moulding gas (5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen) to identify exactly the location of the leaking, thereby minimizing unnecessary costs for digging of unsatisfactory route.

We perform the canalization tests to DN 1600 for round profiles a do DN 1200 with piping with egg-shaped diameter.
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