Thermal imaging
Thermal image diagnostics is successfully used as a tool for identification of problematic components of devices for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and thermal energy, construction and various branches of industry.

Electrical equipment

It is possible to identify the excessive warming and wear of particular current joints and components of electrical equipment by thermal measurement. Early detection of such visually unnoticeable defects contributes to the reduction of the failure rate of electrical equipment and enables to avoid various accidents. It is an effective way in the revision and preventive control of the stage of electrical equipment.

Examples of the use of infrared technology in the energy sector:

Distribution points 22kV, 110kV, 400kV Switch boards NN Compensations Generators Transformers Cable lines Line management of NN, VN, VVN


Thermo-vision enables to examine the insulation ability and tightness of building facades as well as construction components of joints.

Thermo-graphic measurement and diagnosis reveals concrete limitations and critical points in building shell with heat leakage, poor quality project and technological solutions, using of poor quality building material, poor quality construction Works, or disorders in heating systems. Thanks to thermograph images we can proceed to performance of effective construction treatment and prevent thermal losses.


Thermal imaging is ideal tool for preventive machine maintenance and for finding the conditions of production technologies. Using the thermal images of machinery, bearings, carbons on the engines, terminal boxes and various mechanically stressed parts of machinery it is possible to effectively reveal the degree of wear, stress and prevent possible malfunctions. Thermal measurement is performed during normal operation of the equipment.

Thermal measurement includes:

1. Determination of distribution of surface temperatures and fields in area of measurement using infrared device

2. Diagnostics of distribution of surface temperature. In the case that it is an atypical temperature distribution determination of the cause of failure (worn bearing, carbons, stressed machine parts...)

3. Final report on the measurement that contains a set of thermo grams and real images, evaluation of thermo grams with a description and possible proposals for removing of the causes of identified deficiencies

Heating Industry

Hot water pipelines are an important component in the complex energy management systems. Damages on the insulation layer lead to high thermal losses, premature aging of distributions and intensifying of rust. Analysis of hot water pipeline and heating equipment conditions mediate a detailed overview of the state.

Thermo imaging enables checking of all hot water parts:

linings of boilers
Pipeline routes
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