Trenchless repairs
Local trenchless repairs of canalization  

It is often more economical alternative compare to classic repair by digging in which there is always disruption of the terrain over and around pipelines. In this kind of repair is not necessary to fix other engineering networks and the ground around the repair remains intact.
Locally it is possible to remove the most common defects such as leaking connections, cracks in pipelines, etc. Our company made many local repairs of sewage pipelines already operated, as well as newly built piping, when leaks were discovered while using camera tests, or in water tightness test before the transfer of the building.

Trenchless repairs of canalization by lining

Trenchless Technologies are nowadays dynamically developing field of reconstruction of engineering networks. The application is especially in cases where the terrain requires a minimum disruption of piping, or in cases where it is not possible to join digging works for technical reasons, for example junctions, routes leading under buildings, railway, in places with very high concentration of other engineering networks etc.

Trenchless repairs by the method UV Liner (PDF)
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