Location of water and heat supply and disorders
Measurements are performed by the latest correlation technology from the company DYNATRONIC. We can locate a place of disorder on all types of piping (metal, plastic, glass, lead, insulated pipeline…) including internal distribution. Measurement is not influenced by weather, depth, or a way of pipeline placing. In the case of problematic disorders, when it is not possible to use the correlation device (very small leakage, noisy environment without possibility of removing the interference, pipeline without pressure etc.), we perform the location of leaks by moulding gas, using the device H2LUX.

Our frequent customers are businesses managing hot – water distribution systems (the housing companies, heating stations…). As the water in these distributions is maintained, each failure means a big financial loss. Disorders of the heating distributions are mainly at the time of the heating season, often described as a state of emergency.

Setting of the routes of underground distributions and connections

Setting of piping route is one of the main conditions for precise focus of disorder. We can determine water distribution route, hot water distribution systems, data and electric cables with high accuracy.

Setting of the existing underground networks is necessary to obtain information about the routing, possible crossings with other engineering networks and the possibility of comparing the facts with drawing documentation. It is necessary to know the position of underground networks also with reconstruction and rehabilitation works, as well as with various construction activities which require knowledge of the route and location of systems in a particular place. We can also search buried shafts, covers, hydrants and trench units by our measuring device.
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